Advent for Tweens

beauty advent calendars for tweens

Arguably tweens are one of the hardest people to think of gifts for.  You can’t go for presents that are too much like the things they loved when they were younger , they will look at you like, do you think I am a baby?! You can’t go full-out teenage ( also hard to buy for) because it may not be appropriate.  Beauty Advent calendars are so great because you are essentially giving them 12-24 mini gifts, which they can enjoy for the whole of December and will win you major brownie points. Here are a great selection of beauty advent calendars  that are completely affordable and fun, with a few little spoilers so you know what to expect. Don’t worry I won’t reveal too much!

beauty advent calendars for tweens


Dirty Works Beauty Hauls

Dirty worls beauty hauls advent calendar

If your daughter or niece is anything like mine just saying dirty works will make her laugh, but it really is good clean fun. Behind each drop of snowflake the   Dirtyworks beauty hauls advent calendar holds miniature bath pearls, body scrubs and shimmery powder.

Dirty worls beauty hauls advent calendar

Tanya burr 12 days of Christmas

Tanya Burr 12 days of Christmas beauty advent calendar

Tanya Burr is arguable the Vlog queen of beauty, and she has curated perfect mix of  makeup and beauty finds for her millions of tween followers. Again at a steal, Tanya Burr 12 days of Christmas is the prettiest pastel street, open a window to reveal treats like a glitter liner, nail polish and glitter pots.  Want to win one? Adorngirl currently is running a giveaway on twitter.

Benefit Girl o’clock rock

benefit girl o clock rock advent calendar

An alarm had to be set to ensure I nabbed the Benefit girl o’clock rock beauty advent calendar. It is all sold out on Benefit  but luckily it is still available on Debenhams.  This is beyond cute with a rockabilly girl band theme will appeal to their fun side but houses the bestsellers of the award-winning brand.  From high beam to they’re real eyeliner, this is a great selection.

Lush cosmetics 12 days of Christmas

lush cosmetics 12 days of christmas beauty advent calendar

Really is there anything better than a Lush Christmas! Never mind for tweens, anyone would love the gorgeous selection from the 12 days of Christmas gift set.  Housed in this clock face beautiful box,  are Christmas favourites from bath bombs, soaps and bubble bars. With this gift they can pick and choose what thy want to enjoy first, whether they shoot for the stars, or choose to relax with the cocoa butter bear

Sanctuary Spa Let Go days of Christmas

sanctuary spa letgo days of christmas advent calendar

Sanctuary Spa is great for the whole family and the Letgo days of Christmas is really a generous bumper advent calendar that will look gorgeous on the dressing table, as well as provide plenty of pamper days for both of you! Expect a Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash, eye mask, luxurious body butter and plenty more to de-stress and revive.


Soapsmith London

Its been awhile I know, but not really going to apologise about it because I have plenty to keep me busy, and you have to know when to leave certain things by the wayside, because Mini Adorn kids definitely isn’t going anywhere. Soapsmith London has fast become one of my favourite bath and body products, and of course I share with the kids. Their skin is quite dry but the natural ingredients within the selection of handmade bath soaks, soaps and body melts have not aggrevated their skin.

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Sun Care for the whole family

Clarins sun care range for the family

Sun protection is very important to me, and sometimes people ignore this issue when they have dark skin. Everyone can burn, and have sun damage. Clarins have a great range of sun care for you and the whole family. The basics are essentially about protecting yourself from UVA and UVB rays, and I tend to use between  factor 15  up to 30, for myself and the kids.

The travel size Clarins sun control stick is perfect for the parts of the body we forget are exposed to the sun  like the ears, and back of the neck.  Just like we use a different moisturisers for the face, and the body, there is the Clarins Sun wrinkle cream  which has moderate to high protection for the face, and body. They absorb quickly and a little goes a long way.  There is a sprayable lait solaire sun care milk which goes as high as factor 50+, not something I need for my little ones (the 20 will do)  but will work for young babies, and very pale skins that can burn easily.

Clarins sun care range for the family

Clarins sun care range for the family

Discover your perfect sun care protection regime with the Clarins online consultation

New Vaseline Moisturiser Sprays

new vaseline spray moisturiser review

Vaseline have made our lives that little bit easier with their latest moisturiser sprays. Available in three lotions, Essential MoistureAloe Fresh and  Cocoa Radiant, each  Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser contains natural extracts, so all you have to do is choose, which is best for you. Although all very moisturising, not sticky or greasy and perfect for for dry skin, the Cocoa radiant has the beautiful sweet smell of cocoa butter, the Aloe sooth is a fresh  ‘green’ scent. Essential moisture is subtle and clean.

Overall the Vaseline Spray Moisturiser is very  lightweight, the spray lotion absorb very quickly, the twins  love when I spray them after the bath, they laugh riotously as the fine spray quickly and evenly covers their skin. It does feel a bit like a factory, as I stand them side by side, and make them spin, as I press the nozzle, but there is no real need to rub everything in, and their pyjamas go straight on, saving much-needed time. The rotating ring also stops those accidental sprays,  just turn when done, which covers the hole.

Well done Vaseline!

Review: Treacle Moon Bath washes

treacle moon bath wash

Sometimes beauty products come along that are just a bit of fun, and Treacle Moon   is my secret weapon for making lots of bubbles for the kids. Their skin is very dry and sensitive so I don’t tend to use these kind of scented products on their skin (but completely fine on mine) but the sweet scented washes poured under running water is great. The warm apple pie kisses has a syrupy sweet smell which I swear when I close my eyes are a whiff of hot apple pie crust; and the coconut island is a creamier consistency. You will love treacle Moon for its affordability and novelty scents, and something you can pick up in the aisles when doing your weekly shop. For us mums, and kids who have normal skin type, massage directly onto damp skin whist showering and rinse or pour under running water and have a happy 10 minute soak.   Treacle Moon have recently announced its official  partnership with Bullies Out a fantastic charity that provides help and information to individuals, schools, workplaces, and community settings, to support a vision whereby all young people are able to recognise their self-worth and potential, and flourish in caring environments that foster positive futures.

Lush Oxford Street

inside Lush Oxford Circus

If Willy Wonka had a penchant for bath and body products I imagine Lush would be his brainchild.  Lush have just created the ultimate flagship store on Oxford Street, and it fulfils every Lushies dream. Three levels of pure awesomeness, the ground floor sets the tone hosting an array of new ranges including shampoos, styling creams, make up, gourmet soaps and more, you want it, they probably have it (or cooking it up in the Lush Kitchen).

inside Lush Oxford Circus

Lush products are all about being handmade and ethical so more or less everything can be used for the whole family. The mini adorn kids delight in dropping in bath bombs waiting for any hidden colourful surprises. if you want something especially for the kids definitely try honey I washed the kids, containing English homey, with an uplifting sweet wild orange oil, the caramel scented soap is very moisturising.

Have you visited the the worlds biggest Lush store? Find it at

175 – 179 Oxford Street

London W1D 1JS

Review: Soak & Sleep children character towel

soak and sleep childrens towels review

Sometimes there is nothing I like more than giving my kids the biggest hug after they get out of the bath I wrap them in their towels and give them a nice big squeeze before I dry their hair. As of late we have been having a Goldilocks scenario of towels being too small, or too big; it covers their body but not long enough to dry their hair at the same time. The Soak and Sleep character towels are just right with soft 100%  cotton terry at 400 gsm, these fun animal head designs are generously sized at 63x125cm, so perfect for making them feel snug and secure. The mini Adorngirls love them so much they wear the around the house, making animal noises burying their heads, pretending to be their character.  Make sure to check out the rest of the animal designs which are fun for them, and convenient for you as very absorbent and machine washable.