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When it comes to my twins, I really try to cater to their individual needs and likes. They may be identical but they are very different little girls.  When an opportunity arose to feature the new, Peter Rabbit guide to life, it was an absolute pleasure. The series ticks the boxes I need when I add to their library, they love  Beatrix Potter books; especially Peter Rabbit and this special series features tales from classic and vintage-inspired Peter Rabbit illustrations, teamed with the author’s signature tongue-in-cheek written content.

personalised peter rabbit guide to

An added special touch is the personalisation. You can personalise with any name, which is on the front cover and throughout the book, and can even include a personalised message on the inside cover. Presented in a vintage pastel commemorative box with silver embossing, the kids understand this is a keepsake a book to cherish.

perosnalised peter rabbit little book of virtue

The Peter Rabbit Trilogy encompasses little guide of virtue, Harmony and life. I loved sitting with each of them as Peter Rabbit and his friends in three separate adventures, learn important life lessons from each. Available in powder blue, Peter and friends encounter a variety of everyday life situations, including how to keep clothes clean, how to save money and how to deal with difficult situations, and then learn to overcome them. In pale green the guide to virtue is about maintaining high moral standards in every situation. Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide to Virtue, features tips and advice dripping with sarcasm on how to deal with any type of high society event.

peter rabbit little guide to

Last but certainly not least is the guide to harmony which is for those who struggle to keep their composure during everyday situations, In pale yellow Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide to Harmony is a must-have, advising on how to behave in a multitude of different scenarios.  Nothing can replace your guiding’s but the selection of books are a sweet intro into burgeoning life skills.

The books are available to purchase now on, retailing at £24.99 each.

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Collage Carnival

lizzie lees collage carnival book

It is not often that we are given permission to really rip into a book. Books are to be cherished looked after and shared.  Well illustrator Lizzie Lees is actually giving us full permission to tear out pages, scribble on every single page and get creative with her new book Collage Carnival, we swear! Get ready to colour, cut and paste! We didn’t even know where to start there were so many great projects. Open the book and sign the statement:

lizzie lees collage carnival book

I________________ solemnly declare to attack this book with wild creativity and set my heart free. I will not be scared! I will embrace! I will create! At  the end of this book there will be no book



We asked Lizzie just a few questions about her amazing book, and her inspiration.

How did you go about curating the particular projects for the book? Do you have a favourite?

I been working for a lots of different companies over the years now so feel confident in choosing themes and projects which I think people will find appealing. Whilst working at Paperchase I developed an understanding for the stationary market and this put me in good stead for Collage Carnival.  Llamas are super on trend at the moment so I knew people would like that one. Things like cupcakes, hearts, glitter and sequins – a girl can never have enough in my eyes! My favourite is the amusing Cockatoo collage as they are such funny birds – you can really make add personality to him and make him your own.
lizzie lees collage carnival book

Did you primarily have adults in mind? to go alongside the whole adult colouring in book trend right now.

My publisher and I worked together to come up with the idea. Pavilion published the colouring books with Millie Marotta which have been wildly successful so they were keen to do more interactive craft books which had a wide appeal for adults and children. Collage seemed like the perfect step forward!
lizzie lees collage carnival book

How long can it take for you to complete an illustration from concept to final piece?

The whole book took a year from initial concept to final delivery of artwork. The length of time for each illustration can vary depending on what mood I am in, and how much tea I have drunk that day!  Sometimes I am in the creative groove and other times I’m dreaming of lying on a beach somewhere 🙂 On average though, I would say it would take one day to come up with two pages in the book if I flow.

What other projects/books can we look forward to from you? 

Pavilion and I are brainstorming on what we should do next but its top-secret so you shall have to watch this space! I would love to do Collage Carnival for kids which might be another avenue to explore in the future. I also run an art collective which acts as a platform for artists to exhibit their work. We are a great bunch – our next exhibition is looking to be in November this year so do keep an eye on the website for any updates!
lizzie lees collage carnival book

Falling back in love with the library

The Fox and the star book review

When I was younger going to the library was a weekly occurrence. It was only a ten minute walk from the house and I would easily use my full allowance of nine books, often umming and ahhing over which book to leave behind, after all I could get it next time. I went through phases of Anastasia, sweet valley high, point horrors and Virginia Andrews, often devouring a whole novel in just under two days. Nearly halfway through the six-week summer holiday I thought the kids needed to get some fresh books to read, and it is better to borrow than buy.  It’s so lovely to see the twins get excited about finding a new book, and the eldest has just joined the Southwark library Summer reading challenge.

“Record Breakers is this years Summer Reading Challenge theme. Collecting stickers and great gifts as they go, young readers of all ages will discover weird, wonderful and wacky records from around the world. All children need to do is join the Summer Reading Challenge and read 6 books during the summer break. Last year 2,329 children read 6 books or more during the Summer Reading Challenge, proving this is a fun activity to do. This fun reading challenge also helps to maintain reading levels in preparation for school in September.

Children who read 6 books or more are entered into a prize draw to win a mini tablet device.

All you have to do is register your child at your local library.  They choose any book to borrow and read at home, then they tell us what they think of the book and receive an amazing gift.”

So far Mini Adorngirl has had stickers and cool posters so is such a great way to encourage reading, combined with her competitive spirit and the possibility of a cool tablet Is nothing to be sniffed at.

The Fox & The Star review

The Fox and the star book review

Once there was a Fox who lived in a deep, dense forest. For as long as Fox could remember, his only friend had been Star, who lit the forest paths every night. But then one night Star wasn’t there, and Fox had to face the forest all alone.

The Fox and the star book review

The Fox and the star book review The Fox and the star book review   The Fox and the star book review Illustrator Coralie Bickford-Smith, is a designer at Penguin Books and many of her designs, such as the Clothbound Classics, have featured in New York Times, Vogue and the Guardian. Her work is influenced by William Morris and William Blake and early Victorian book designs which is evident in her writing début The Fox and the Star, set to be published on the 27th of August.

This beautiful fable explores grief, loss and self-discovery in a captivating and heart-warming way, for all ages. My four-year old twins were enthralled by the colour and patterns and they were concerned about the fox finding their friend. My eldest who is ten professed the story to be abstract, the characters symbols for real people and real loss. I love this hardback because it is easily a future collectible classic, on par with my beloved children’s books, I had as a child.

Bedtime Stories: Orla Kiely Creatures Review

Orla Kiely Creatures book review

Orla Kiely Creatures book review

Orla Kiely Creatures book review

Orla Kiely Creatures book review

Bedtime stories are that last bit of quality time to spend with the kids for the day.  Your ‘shift’ is essentially over (unless they like to wake up in the night) and it is a good routine to establish to get them to sleep. I tend to read two books and this Orla Kiely hardback Creatures picture book I picked up from our latest trip to the Horniman museum shop, is one of them. Technically I don’t have to read it because there are no words, except for the name of each animal against a Kiely print.

This is the chance to get them to read to you. It builds their confidence because they recognise and can name the animal, plus it is further engraving the word and spelling of the animal so they later recognise and can identify in other books. This is perfect for grown ups who are fans of Orla Kiely designer prints, and perfect for young children.

How about during the day, you and the kids attempt to recreate your favourite animal prints in a drawing or painting?

Review: The Faraway Tree

Mini Adorngirl book review

Hi, I am mini Adorngirl and I’m starting my own weekend reading series. My first choice of 2015 is The magic faraway tree by Enid Blyton. I love reading because of the whole new other world where there’s no reality, no responsibilities, and there’s always a happy ending or a lesson.  I have chosen this book because of the colourful imaginative cover including elves, a mysterious cloud, and peculiar ladder.

This story is about a strange colossal tree deep in the enchanted wood and every week a different land is on top of the tree. Four courageous kids embark  on adventures  in the breath taking lands along with their magical friends Moon-Face , Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy. My favourite character is Saucepan Man because every time someone says something, he mistakes it for something else and ends up doing something hilarious and completely silly all because he is deaf. This book was presented to me by a beloved family member and I have read it like a gazillion times because it is so funny. Anyone that likes to read a great mix of humour and adventure will love this.

Weekend Reading


I actually wanted to pawn them off to the in-laws for the weekend, they have a gorgeous house with a garden and they are usually supplied with lots of goodies.  They get the chance to play with their cousins, and visit their beloved great-grandmother, but they wanted to stay home with me ( I really don’t understand my children).  Half an hour of a 48 hour stretch is spent quietly reading in pyjamas and their new favourite socks, mini Adorngirl in these 3D fairy dolls, and the boy in his Cars pair  ( the twins refused to put on any clothes at all staying in their birthday suits, let alone the lovely cupcake socks sent by Sock shop) Today we were reading these gems; a special edition Alice in Wonderland with artwork by Yayoi Kusama, and Pop up Red Riding Hood ( both my books FYI). What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?

Blanket: Next.  Socks: Sockshop

Clara Button & The Magic Hat day

V&A cafe V&A fashion galleries Clara Button book review Clara Button 2 To cheer Clara up, her mum asked if she would like to choose a special day out. Perhaps Clara might like to go swimming or to the cinema? But Clara had other ideas. ‘I would like a magical hat day please.’ Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day was written by Amy De La Haye author of Chanel, and the A-Z of Style ; This charming story is a sweet tale of a lovely little girl wanting to preserve the memory of her grandmother.  A special hat is what draws her mother and brother to the V&A where they each have their own adventure, and to celebrate the release of this classic story in paperback I wanted to bring the story to life with my daughter, and visit the landmarks inside the pages.  The first stop was Harrods, which was hop, and a skip away from the V&A; it was a revelation to re-encounter the details that I am so used to.  The glass chandelier in the main foyer and statues were even more colourful through the  illustrations of the talented Emily Sutton. We did not wander into a hat room unfortunately, but we did let our minds wander amongst the ballgowns of the design greats.  We ended our excursion inside the Cafe, under the impressive chandeliers, with tea and cake.  The paperback edition will make a great present it includes a set of Clara Button stickers, and has a great ratio of images to words to really engage the child and capture their imagination whilst reading the book, as well as make any V&A enthusiast smile.