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toy christmas gift guide

December is finally here! Myself and all four of the mini adorn kids couldn’t be more excited, and as I wrap their presents I am imagining their faces, as they rip open the wrapping paper. I tend to lean more towards presents we can all enjoy, it is all too easy for each child to be engrossed in their own thing, so it is nice to play together.

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Throwback Thursday ELC Art Challenge

Last year the Mini Adorn Kids took part in a Valentines day challenge by the Early learning centre learning centre.

“As you know, arts and crafts are not only fun, but an essential part of your child’s development. Our extensive range of art & creativity toys allow your child’s imagination to run free. From traditional sponge painting sets and colouring crayons to face painting sets and the popular Super Scribbler, Early Learning Centre has something for every budding young artist.

 The Challenge

Children love getting creative and parents love getting stuck in too! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner – this is the perfect excuse to get creative!

 We would love you to create something with your children for Valentine’s Day. A card for daddy? A picture for their favourite toy? a picture for the family pet?

 We’ll supply the tools if you supply the creativity!

ELC Art challenge 2

Mini Adorn kids ELC art challenge 7

Mini Adorn kids ELC art challenge 10

ELC Art challenge 5

It really was so much fun and kick started our regular craft sessions that just allow us to spend quality family time together, and the ‘Love Town’ scene was what they came up with.

Mini Adorn kids ELC art challenge 11

Mini Adorn kids ELC art challenge 6

Review: Sofia the First Princess Lego castle

Lego Duplo Sofia the first princess castle review

Lego must arguably be the most popular toy in the world. I would spend hours as a child building, rebuilding and knocking down towers. The Sofia the First Princess castle with Princess Sofia figurines have given the mini adorngirl twins so much joy. We followed the instructions the first time around, but the best part about Lego Duplo are the endless possibilities.

Lego Duplo Sofia the first princess castle review

There are enough pieces in the collection (87) to create multiple scenes, and imagine stories and scenarios. What I have underestimated about Lego Duplo are the educational advantages, this Lego Duplo set is recommended for ages 2-5. It can help develop fine motor skills from holding and handling each piece, figuring out how they fit together and working out how the structure can stay up through trial and error. It encourages creativity and it helps that the colour combination of lilac, pink and white are their favourite colours.

Lego Duplo Sofia the first princess castle review

Lego Duplo Sofia the first princess castle review

Lego Duplo Sofia the first princess castle review

Lego Duplo Sofia the first princess castle review



Mini Adorngirls heart Peppa Pig


Right now it is all about Peppa Pig.  Last year it the twins were obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba, and now it is all about Peppa Pig, her family, friends and adventures, and they can’t get enough. I must admit I am a little hooked too, she is a cheeky little thing.  When choosing a toy I opted for the Peppa Pig world of playsets because of the collection of stackable scenes. The idea would be so they wouldn’t end up arguing and have their own scene to play with. Peppa’s House and Vets Surgery have hinged sides which open out and there’s a Café, Toy Shop, Den and Dolls House. The playset only came with one Peppa Pig, so I bought a collection of characters to bring the scene more to life. Once they are done, close up each scene and stack them together, and you are left with one neat house with handle.

Peppa Pig world of playsets

Review: Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Death Star Game

angry birds jenga game review


angry birds jenga game review

angry birds jenga game review

angry birds jenga game review

angry birds jenga game review

My son loves Angry birds, and has a slight obsession with them since they came onto the game scene. Their latest incarnation into a tribute Stars Wars act is the Jenga death star game. It’s definitely not the Jenga I remember playing when I was younger, this is more a fun knock ’em down which is what Angry birds do. Stacking the block tower is pretty simple, my son is 8 and follows the instruction card that comes in the box, as they need to go in a particular order. The finished death star tower resembles the face of angry birds mortal enemy Darth Vader pig, with angry bird storm troopers taking post.

This is a multiplayer game so it is all about who can cause the most destruction with the miniature angry bird characters  in the X-Wing Fighter sling launcher. Roll the dice to know which character to use from Luke Skywalker Bird, Han Solo Bird to Chewbacca Bird and how many attempts you have. the kids love this game and give a huge yelp when they achieve a fatal blow in one attempt. Be prepared to be roped in yourself. The game is rated ages 8+

angry birds jenga review